Congregation Beth Hakneses Hachodosh (BHH) is an Orthodox synagogue located in Rochester, NY. The oldest active Orthodox synagogue in the city, BHH provides local residents and those traveling through Rochester with a warm and welcoming place to daven and learn.


Weekly Davening Schedule

Shacharis Mon. and Thurs.

6:40 am

Shacharis Tues., Wed. and Fri.

7:00 am

Shacharis Sunday and Legal Holidays

8:00 am

Shacharis Rosh Chodesh and Taanis (Mon-Fri)

6:30 am

Mincha approx. 15 min before Shkia
Maariv 25 min after start of Mincha
Erev Shabbos Mincha candle lighting; 15 min before Plag (summer)
Shabbos Shacharis 9:00 am
Yom Tov Shacharis 9:00 am