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schedule for vaeschanan - the eruv is up

Congregation Beth Hakneses HaChodosh


שבת פרשת ואתחנן- נחמו י"ג מנחם אב תש"ע

Candle Lighting-7:08pm – 8:23pm

Mincha 6:50pm

Repeat Shema -9:32pm

Hashkama – 7:45am

Hilchos Shabbos – 8:30am

Shacharis – 9:00am.

Sof Zman Krias Shema –9:34am

Pirchai – Run by Seed for boys 1st- 7th grade- 3:45pm

Ladies Class – 5:00pm - This week given by Mrs. Michal Segelman

Daf Yomi – 7:00pm Shavous 27

Pirkei Avos – 7:50pm for adults given by Rabbi Hochheimer and for middle school boys given by Nati Katz

Mincha – 8:10pm followed by Shalosh Seudos

Shabbos ends – 9:31pm

Schedule for the Week - July 25th – 30th


            Sunday – 8:00am – followed by Chevrah Mishnayos

Monday and Thursday- 6:40am

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday –7:00am

Mincha - Sunday – Thursday- 8:20pm

    Candle Lighting Next Friday – After 7:02pm – Mincha 6:45pm


Ladies Navi Class –Tuesday 7:00pm at the Jewish Home. We are learning Sefer Malachim (Kings) we are discussing the stories of Eliyahu Hanavi


Daf Yomi – Sunday – Thursday: after Ma’ariv


Seed is in Rochester – Thank you to Seed for coming to Rochester and sharing your Torah with the community.


Book ProjectThank you to everyone who has sponsored the book project.  We now have a month to gather addresses of people who would likely be interested in receiving the book and CD.  Please contact Rabbi Hochheimer with any names or addresses. 


New Families - We want to welcome new families and individuals moving into our community.  When you learn of someone moving in, please contact Channa Rosen @ 244-6235 with their names, address and telephone number.  A welcome basket will be delivered to them.


If You Have – any news or information to be included in the weekly newsletter please email or call 406-7561.  All tips will remain anonymous.



Halacha Q&A

Question: May I wear eyeglasses in the street on Shabbos if the Eruv is down?


Answer: The NYS DOT is removing several light and traffic poles that hold up our Eruv.  When they remove the poles the Eruv will not be Kosher.  The DOT has assured me that they will not remove the poles before we have the proper paper work to be allowed to place our Eruv on the new poles that are up.  However, this is a tentative agreement not a guarantee, and it is possible that the Eruv will be down for as many as 3 Shabbosos.  So over the next few weeks I hope to write about 4 common situations that are problematic without an Eruv.  This week I will discuss eyeglasses and contact lenses, followed over the next few weeks by wearing jewelry, wearing a watch, and carrying a key.


The Rema writes that one may not wear eyeglasses in the street on Shabbos because one may come to remove them.  That was at a time when lens making technology was in its infancy, and there was a very real concern that one may remove his glasses when they became uncomfortable and carry them.  Now, almost all the Poskim are lenient because glasses are comfortable and generally worn all day by the people who need them.  However, one who does not wear his glasses all day and only puts them on for certain tasks, such as driving, would not be allowed to wear them in the street since he may remove them and carry them.  For this same reason, one may not wear non- prescription sunglasses which might be removed in the shade or if the weather becomes cloudy.  Prescription sunglasses would be permitted if the person wearing them would normally leave them on even if he is in the shade if he does not have a regular pair of glasses with him.


Contact lenses are permitted since they are worn close to the eye and are not removed.  Even though contact lenses fall out occasionally, it is still permitted to wear them because our sages were only concerned that one may intentionally remove something and carry it, not that an article of clothing may fall off and one would carry it.


One may not wear reading glasses in the street for two reasons.  They are uncomfortable for general use, and one may remove them and carry them.  More importantly, since reading glasses are not meant to be worn for long durations of time and are just used for a specific purpose, they cannot be considered clothing and may not be carried. 


In summary, when there is no Eruv, one may wear eyeglasses or contacts that one wears all the time, but may not wear sunglasses or reading glasses.


Next week: May I wear jewelry to Shul if the Eurv is down?


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